June Street, (Hancock Park), Los Angeles, California

This extensive renovation was to the British Consulate and my client was the British Government. This a new two story 1000 square foot addition and remodel to an existing 9000 square foot house in Hancock Park originally designed by architect, Wallace Neff in 1938. Wallace Neff (1895 – June 8, 1982) was an architect based in Southern California and was largely responsible for developing the region's distinct architectural style referred to as "California" style.

In the 1950’s, Moscowitz, a structural engineer, designed an insensitive addition to the original 1938 Wallace Neff designed home that became satirically known as the “BUNKER”. My new two story addition for the servants quarters allowed us to tear down the “BUNKER” and restore the original aesthetic of the 1928 home.

Our firm has designed three additional remodels including adding a pool house, remodeling the main kitchen. The main kitchen is designed to service parties for 100 to 150 guests. Many of the guests that also use the pool are under privileged kids from South Central and other Los Angeles Communities.

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