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Ronald Chang Architecture

1116 N. Beverly Glen Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA.

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310 475-5288

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Ronald Chang Architecture has focused primarily on the design and construction of residential projects, and small commercial projects. Ronald started his own firm in 1990.

Ronald’s design philosophy is simple. He adheres to the ancient Japanese concept of ‘Kote’: Indoor and outdoor spaces become one continuous element. The gentle climate of Southern California allows the architect to create this sense of openness and fluid movement between the indoor and outdoor space, instead of having clearly delineated spaces for each. His designs are organically grown from their surrounding environment. The firm strives to preserve trees, and to work with the natural landscape.

A collaborative and inclusive spirit with the client is a primary goal in all aspects of the custom project, from initial concepts through construction. Whatever the language or where ever the site or scope of the project, the completed home reflects the vision of both the client and the architect. Ronald prides himself in being able to mix many different architectural styles without compromising the way in which we live or function. His greatest concerns beyond aesthetics, space, and light are how the built project fits into its environment and respects its environment in terms of energy and carbon footprint.

Ron is happily married and has two college aged children. He has resided and worked in

Beverly Glen, California.